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Do you have trouble reading the fine print?

16 May 2018 – Bank statements and insurance documents can be tricky enough to understand without having to struggle to see the words clearly as well.

It’s common to need a little help with our vision so we’ve put together our top five magnifying tools.

Acrylic DomeAcrylic Dome

The Acrylic Dome is one of our most popular vision products. Not only is it practical, but it makes an attractive paperweight and a great gift. We keep one on the counter in our Hamilton Life Unlimited Store for any customers who need a little help reading information brochures or filling in forms.

Easy Reader for your walletEasy Reader

This handy credit card-sized magnifying lens comes with its own vinyl pouch. It’s the perfect size to slip in your wallet or your purse, and it’s discreet to use. Need to check the seat number on your theatre ticket, or to check your restaurant bill? The Easy Reader is always on hand — and at only $5, it’s great value.

Illuminated bar magnifierIlluminated bar magnifier

Magnifiers with a built-in light are the perfect solution for reading in dim light, and the illuminated bar magnifier is especially useful. It’s great for reading tables or graphs, phone books, bank statements…any documents where you might need to read across columns.

Magnifying viewer with neck cordMagnifying viewer

Loss of vision doesn’t necessarily mean you have to give up your favourite hobbies. This magnifier hangs from a neck cord and has a moulded plastic frame that fits against the body to position the viewer without using your hands. This means your hands are free to knit, cross stitch, paint your fingernails, build models — whatever it is that you love to do.

There are lots of options when it comes to finding the right magnifying tool to meet your needs. You can view the full range of vision products at our online Store, or drop in and ask our team to demonstrate what’s available.