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Keeping active this winter

2 July 2018 – It’s not always easy to stay active in the cooler months, but winter time is precisely when we should keep moving.

Regular exercise is good for us. It helps improve circulation, ease aching joints and relieve cold and numb legs and feet. It can also help with mobility and balance so it’s easier to get around — and it’s good for mental wellbeing too.

Even on the dullest day, home exercise equipment lets you stay active without having to brave the harsh elements. And the good news is, all our exercise equipment at Life Unlimited Store is compact, easy-to-use and very affordable – so there’s no excuse not to keep active this winter. Just have a chat with your doctor or other healthcare professional first.

Pedal ExerciserPedal exerciser

The pedal exerciser is a versatile strength-building tool that can be used on tabletops for arm workouts, or on the floor to exercise your legs. It features a tension control knob that allows for a range of resistance settings, so it’s ideal for progressive exercise programmes.


Shoulder pulley

This simple, inexpensive device can help improve your range of shoulder movement and coordination. The shoulder pulley is quick to set up and can be used while seated or standing.


The Aircycle is a small, easy-to-use, inflatable exercise tool that helps reduce pain from arthritis. It also boosts circulation, reduces swollen ankles, joint stiffness, cramp and restless legs, and can help build strength and balance. It’s ideal for people with arthritis, diabetes, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis and those recovering from stroke.