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Get scooter-ready for summer

Get your scooter in top shape for spring

31 October 2017

As the weather warms up, you’ll want to get out and about in the sunshine to make the most of your mobility scooter purchase.

Your scooter should provide you with years of trouble-free travel if you give it a little TLC. Take a look at our regular maintenance checklist.

Top tips for keeping your scooter in great nick

  1. Keep it clean – a regular polish with a soft, damp cloth will prevent dust and grit getting into your scooter’s moving parts.
  2. Keep it dry – spring weather can be unpredictable. Make sure you dry off your scooter to prevent rust damage.
  3. We recommend you charge your scooter’s batteries after every use to keep them working efficiently. Generally 8 – 10 hours charging time is recommended, but check the manufacturer’s instructions first.
  4. Check your tyre pressure – and give them a thorough visual inspection. You’ll need to look for punctures, foreign objects, cracks or discolouration. The recommended tyre pressure should be imprinted on the side of the tyre.
  5. Schedule a service with a qualified technician – we recommend you service your scooter every year, that way it should stay running well and you’ll identify possible problems before they occur. You should consider a service if you have any concerns about your scooter’s performance, braking or steering. Contact our preferred service provider, Mobility Equipment & Services, on 0800 72 12 12.

Introducing the NEO Galaxy Slllneo-scooter

This medium-sized scooter is an ideal choice for most scooter riders.
+ Suitable up to182kg, with additional length in the foot tray for taller riders
+ Reclining, 360-swivel chair and adjustable tiller to customise your ride
+ Delta handle bar allows for easier manoeuvrability in tight turning situations
+ Maximum speed of 9.6km and range up to 32km.

So why not let the Neo Galaxy take you places