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Make 2018 the year you enjoy better mobility

Toni Naera

17 January 2018 – Now is the time to assess your mobility needs so you can make the most of the fine weather and enjoy getting out with family and friends, says Toni Naera.

Toni Naera
Toni Naera, Hamilton Life Unlimited Store

She works with people who face disability and mobility issues in her role at Life Unlimited Store.

In the Waikato 25 percent of people have a disability. But the rate increases with age. In fact 49 percent of adults over 65 have a physical disability that impacts their mobility.

“Many of the people I meet put on a brave face,” says Toni. “But we know that a change in mobility can have a big impact on quality of life and make people feel isolated.”

Toni is excited by the difference mobility scooters can make to the lives of people who have difficulty getting around their community.

Life Unlimited Store is a leading retailer of mobility scooters including the Neo Mobility range. “The great thing about Neo is there’s something to suit everyone’s needs,” says Toni.

There are a lot of other products available that deliver better mobility too, like the stylish and functional Nip Glide walker and the innovative Alinker walking bike.

But sometimes the solutions required to give people the confidence to get out into the community are simpler.

“Difficulty washing or dressing may stop people from getting out, or there might be barriers that they’re dealing with like incontinence or hearing difficulties.

“Sadly these issues are not often talked about but they’re easily remedied with a bit of support and advice.”

That’s where the team at Life Unlimited Store can help, offering information about support and services, and assistive equipment to help people live independently.

“We can help people find the solutions they need so they can enjoy better mobility and live the life they choose,” says Toni.