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Bladder leakage can be a wee problem

Many people find urinary incontinence — or loss of bladder control — difficult to talk about.

It’s a real pity, because the truth is as many as one in four New Zealanders experience incontinence, says Advance® products clinical educator Sally Sims.

“Severity can range from occasionally leaking urine when you cough or sneeze, to having a need to urinate that’s so sudden you don’t make it to a toilet in time.


“For many people, lacking confidence around bladder control means they avoid social situations. It can make them feel embarrassed, isolated and alone,” said Sally who is an experienced clinical nurse. Read more.

You can find more information from the staff at Life Unlimited stores in Hamilton, Gisborne, Tauranga and Rotorua and talk in confidence with one of our fully trained staff about the types or continence products available or purchase online.
  • Sally Sims, clinical nurse specialist

    Advance® products were developed by SPQ Ltd, a New Zealand privately owned and operated company specialising in the supply of high quality products and services primarily for aged care, community-based health and disability support providers.

  • The company originally pioneered the provision of hospital and specialist dementia care services to the Ministry of Health and then district health boards.
  • Nearly 10 years ago, they realised there was a pressing need for a quality range of breathable incontinence products and accessories.
  • The premium Advance® product range was developed and designed in New Zealand against this background to meet this need.
  • Continence Awareness Week is from 18-24 June 2018
  • Can’t wait? Don’t wait – seek help now!