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Equipment to support living with an upper limb amputation

17 April 2018 – Approximately 1 person in 1,000 in New Zealand has lost a limb. That’s around 4,300 amputees living in our communities.

Upper limb amputation can result in a big lifestyle change where simple daily tasks such as dressing, cooking and self-care become more challenging than ever before.

The loss of an upper limb may also impact engagement in activities you enjoy. However, this doesn’t mean you have to stop doing what you enjoy.

With practice, determination and adaptive equipment from Life Unlimited, activities that you enjoy become easier, safer and more enjoyable.

Kitchen workstation

A kitchen workstation is designed to make tasks in the kitchen easier.

It will allow you to be more independent in the kitchen as it holds bowls or food in place whilst it is chopped, grated, diced or sliced. It is adjustable to suit your needs.

Watch our short video to see what you can do on the kitchen workstation.

Button hook

Buttoning shirts and trousers can be fiddly for people who have an upper limb amputation. But the button hook can help you dress independently.

Simply thread the tool through the button hole, hook the button on the end of the tool and gently pull the button back through the hole The button hook is ideal and an effective way to independently dress yourself.

Touch and Go can opener

Simple kitchen tasks like twisting jar lids and opening cans can be a real challenge.

Don’t let this keep you from the kitchen or stop you from enjoying some of your favourite meals.

The Touch and Go can opener is fully automatic — just one touch of a button and this device will effortlessly open any can with ease.

Elastic springer shoelaces

Elastic springer shoelaces are strong and durable. They provide support and comfort however do not need to be tied up.

The Elastic springer shoelaces allow you to get ready for the day ahead without requiring assistance. Colours also come in black or white to suit any style.

Manoy scoop dish plate

The Manoy scoop dish plate is great to use if you have limited functioning in one or both upper limbs. It makes meal times easier and more enjoyable.

The plates oval shape and the sloped bottom makes sure your food is easy to pick up and does not slip off the plate. The unique style allows for you to be as independent as possible when eating.