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Bed levers recalled from sale and hire

25 February 2019 – Bed levers using metal hoops sold and available for hire at our Life Unlimited stores in Hamilton, Rotorua, Tauranga and Gisborne and at Mobility Centre in Lower Hutt have been removed from stock.

This follows a warning from the Ministry of Health following a Coroner’s advice that the wide single loop bed lever has a potential risk for head entrapment.

The model pictured will no longer be supplied by Life Unlimited or Mobility Centre for sale or for hire.

We propose to work with the manufacturer and replace the bed lever with three-bar bed levels (pictured below), which pose no risk of entrapment.

If you have purchased this bed lever from us at any time and are concerned, please ring 0800 008 011 to talk to one of our store managers.

Alternatively if you want to retain the bed lever, please watch this video for safe use.

In a finding released last month, Coroner Michael Robb said three elderly people had died since 2016 from asphyxiation when their heads got caught in the hoops of bed levers.

Mr Robb recommended that the Ministry of Health remove bed levers with hoops and not issue them under any circumstances. District health boards, ACC and retailers such as Life Unlimited and Mobility Centre have also been asked not to use the hoop design.